VSV Design is with a long and proven experience in the design and the making of every type of stage outfits and formal dresses.

The success and professionalism in our work is due to the fact that our design crew is formed from professionals with extensive experience in the dance area.

From us you will get the dress or outfit you look like one of a kind, and at the same time you will receive comfort and high quality. And all this is according to your taste, shape and style.

The high professionalism of our crew makes the creation of your outfit or dress possible from distance, no matter what part of the world you are from, only from your measures and some prior consultations with us.

VSV Design is the leader in the making of wedding dresses, graduation and evening dresses. Our crew has the potential to understand your wishes and make them reality. If by now you didn’t had the opportunity to own the dress our outfit of your dreams, please contact us!